Parameters and PDF form

We apply the statistical model (5.7) for $ {\bf x}$, which depends on a the $ N\times 1$ vector $ \bar{{\bf x}}$, where

$\displaystyle \bar{{\bf x}} = {\bf A} {\bf b},$ (5.8)

where $ {\bf A}$ is the matrix of MEL band functions, and $ {\bf b}$ is a $ D\times 1$ vector. Thus, $ {\bf b}$ is the only parameter of the PDF. We then maximize (5.7) over $ {\bf b}$. This maximizing value, denoted by $ {\bf b}_{\rm ML}({\bf x})$, is an iteratively-determined feature and will not be the same as the raw MEL band analysis coefficients obtained by the closed form $ {\bf z}={\bf A}^\prime {\bf x}$.

Baggenstoss 2017-05-19