MRHMM Initialization function

Let :
  1. X, ntot as in Section 14.4.2 and 14.4.2,
  2. K, Ns, shfts be defined in Section 14.4.2,
  3. func_str, inv_str, Z be defined as in Section 14.4.2,
  4. subclassnames, Idx in Section 14.4.2,
  5. class_feat_map in Section 14.4.2,
  6. pdf_type in Section 14.4.2,
  7. state_to_subclass, A_mask, Pi_mask, beta_end in Section 14.4.2,
then the function software/mrhmm_initialize.m produces an initial set of MRHMM parameters in the variable hparm:
    [hparm,Icls]=mrhmm_initialize(Z,K,Ns,shfts,func_str,inv_str,Idx,ntot,pdf_type, ...
Note that Icls is a re-formatted version of the segment label variable Idx. For event i, Icls{i} will be a single stream of integers, equal in length to the number of base segments in event X{i}, with zero indicationg no label, otherwise with the index of the signal class that each base segment is assigned to.

Baggenstoss 2017-05-19