MR-HMM Terminology

The following definitions make the connection between MATLAB variables, the terms upon which they are based, and the concepts we have presented so far.

Just to re-iterate (in case you're confused). Whereas in the HMM, there was just one ``state" concept, now we have five separate concepts. In order from most general to most specific:

  1. signal class. The definition of some statistical phenomena (characterized by a distinct spectral or temporal character). Speech example: a phoneme.
  2. state. Can be the same as a signal class. But, if signal classes can occur in more than one typical sequence (speech example: if the same phoneme can occur in more than one word), then a different state must be assigned to the same signal class when ocurring in a different sequence (word).
  3. partition. One distinct combination of state and segment size.
  4. PDF. One distinct combination of signal class and segment size - therefore associated with a given PDF estimate. Can be the same as ``partition" if the states and signal classes coincide.
  5. wait state. Forced-transition states used to count to the end of a partition.

Baggenstoss 2017-05-19