MATLAB Functions.

A MATLAB function that implements (7.7) is software/pdf_exp_ord.m. The module software/module_exp_ord.m implements the feature set corresponding to software/pdf_exp_ord.m. Feature resynthesis is implented by software/module_exp_ord_synth.m and testing is implemented by software/module_exp_ord_test.m. These functions have an input argument pdf_type, which can select integral solution (7.4) if pdf_type=2, or SPA (7.7) if pdf_type=0, or SPA with error term if pdf_type=1. The module also has the option of including the indexes of the largest bins in the features (if add_idx=1). The module is tested using software/module_exp_ord_test.m.

Baggenstoss 2017-05-19