Class-Specific Module module_bestkfft.m.

Consider the feature set consisting of
  1. The magnitude-squared values of the largest $ L$ DFT bins in the bin range $ i_1$ to $ i_2$.
  2. The bin indexes of the above largest $ L$ DFT bins.
  3. The residual in-band energy in the bin range $ i_1$ to $ i_2$ (energy not contained in the largest $ L$ bins).
  4. The total out-band energy (not in the bin range $ i_1$ to $ i_2$).
See module software/module_bestkfft.m which implements this feature set, function software/module_bestkfft_synth.m which re-synthesizes the input data, and software/module_bestkfft_test.m for testing.

Baggenstoss 2017-05-19