MATLAB functions

The function software/pdf_ord_rem_chisq.m computes the log of (7.4). The module software/module_chisq_ord.m implements the feature set corresponding to software/pdf_ord_rem_chisq.m. The module has the option of including the indexes of the largest bins in the features. The acid test may be run on software/module_chisq_ord.m using software/module_chisq_ord_test.m. For example,
    module_chisq_ord_test('acid',128,2,[1 3 5],1);
runs the acid test for $ N=128$, $ K=2$ degrees of freedom and the first, third, and fifth highest RV. Re-synthesis is implemented by software/module_chisq_ord_synth.m, althouth is is currently only works for the top $ M$ order statistics (input argument indexes=[1 2 3 ...]). Testing the feature-reproducibility of software/module_chisq_ord_synth.m is done using, for example:
    module_chisq_ord_test('resynth',128,2,[1 2 3],1);

Baggenstoss 2017-05-19